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Publication date: 20/04/2011

Opening date: 13/05/2011

Reference: AAOIP No1/2011

In the Germano-Burundi financial Cooperation framework, the Republic of Burundi Government obtained from the German Bank of Development KFW, funds to implement the Health Sectorial Program Phase II no BMZ 1995 65 748 and its Complementary Measure BMZ No 2007 70 016. This program is executed via the PNSR and PSI/Burundi Health National Program of Reproduction. It is expected that a portion of the granted amount of this fund will be utilized for the Disposition Funds audit.

1 The purpose of the bid

The purpose of this bid is to do an audit of the PNSR and of PSI/ Burundi Funds for 2010.

2. The Funding

The operation is financed by the German Bank of Development (KFW) under the Germano-Burundi financial Cooperation framework, Health sectorial Program health phase II BMZ No 1995 65 748 and complementary Measure BMZ N° 2007 70 016.

3. Type of operation

The operation is processed after a public international bid.

4. Terms and conditions

The participation is opened to all reputable local, regional, international audit firms with experience in the region. The auditor should have basic qualities required for this assignment, to be able to use the accounting software used by PNSR and PSI/Burundi and to have at least three years experience in audit with three international companies during the last three years. The knowledge of French both in writing and speaking is essential. The service contract will be concluded after the approval of the sponsor.

5. Consultation and obtainment of the terms of reference

The terms of reference can be consulted and obtained every working day from 08h00 to 15h at the following address: “Programme National de la Santé de la Reproduction” (PNSR),  sis Avenue des USA, behind the “Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore”, near Croix Rouge (Red Cross), Manager’Secretariat tel: 22 24 53 48,or via e-mail at: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.

6. Period, place and means of work

The work will be done within 6 weeks after receiving the signed contract by contracting parties. During his/her assignment, the auditor will be allocated at the PNSR head office (contract 1) and at PSI/Burundi (contract 2) in Bujumbura where a furnished office will be at his/her disposal. The PNSR and the PSI/Burundi staff will give him/her all the necessary support as well as access to all financial documents.

7. Submission

The bids to be submitted are sealed, signed and stamped by the bidder or by his/her agent on each page of the bid. They should be at the PNSR Manager’ Secretariat at the latest Friday the 13/05/2011 at 10:00 am. They could be submitted by hand or sent at the PNSR above address (art.5) before the bids opening session scheduled at 10:15 am and before the President of the session declares that no submission or removal of a bid will be accepted.

8. Bids presentations and requirements

The bids are presented in separate envelops. The first has the technical bid and it is clearly mentioned on it “Offre Technique”. The second has the financial offer and it is clearly mentioned on it “Offre financière”. The two envelops are placed in a big envelop that mentioned outside “Audit des fonds de disposition du Programme Sectoriel Santé” to be opened only at the public opening session scheduled the 13/05/2011 at 10:15 am.

The bids are written in French and are in 5 copies of which the original is marked as such and 4 copies all signed like the original. In case there is a difference between the original and the copies, the original prevail.

8.1 The required documents for the technical bid

The technical bid should have the following documents:

A)    The bid letter;

B)    The commitment act;

C)    The company profile;

D)    A document describing the understanding of the assignment and the methodology to be used for the execution of the work;

E)    List of similar work already done and references;

F)     Updated CV and copies of certified diplomas of the originals for the aligned   key staff;

G)   The proposed execution schedule.


8.2 Contents of the financial offer

The financial bid will have:

A)    The tender letter

B)    The price spreadsheet

9. The bid currency

The amounts will be in Burundian francs (BIF)

10. Opening of bids

The committee for the bid opening will be designated by the contracting authority.

The technical bid will be opened Friday the 13/05/2011 at 10:13 am in the PNSR meeting room.

The committee will open the sealed envelopes in the presence of the bid representatives who will choose to assist to the opening. A list of attendance signed by the representatives will be drawn. The names of bidder, the modification, the removals of bids and any other detail that the “Client” will judge necessary to mention will be announced during the opening.

11. Bid validity

The period of validity of the bid will be minimum 90 days from the last date of the bid.

12. Bid evaluation

The bids will be evaluated in two stages:

Technical evaluation

Financial evaluation

The award of the audit assignment will be done based on the technical bid subject that the financial bid is financially reasonable and is within the PNSR and PSI/Burundi budget. In case many technical bids will be equivalent, the financial bid will be decisive.

For more clarification, please contact by e-mail: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. copying: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. .

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